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The Law Society of New South Wales

Professional, Find a Lawyer, Find a Law Firm, Solicitor, Law Society

Wills FAQs 

Making a Will, Signing a Will, Incapacity, Taking Instructions, Executors, Power of Attorney, Enduring Guardian, Codicil, Applying for Probate, Letters of Administration, Beneficiaries, Administration of Estate

Assessing Capacity for Will-making

Initial mental capacity assessment, Assessing mental capacity, Communication, Referral, Substitute decision-maker

Employment Law Info 

Pay, Leave, Ending Employment, Employee entitlements, Awards and Agreements, Increase to Minimum Wage, Employment Contracts, Redundancy

Useful Employment Law templates and guides 

Best practice guides, Templates, Minimum workplace entitlements, Rights and Obligations

Intellectual Property Info 

Patents, Trade marks, Designs, Plant breeder’s rights, Understanding IP, Commercialising IP, IP Infringement, IP Search, Copyright, IP Tools and Resources

Intellectual Property Info for Businesses

Difference between a business name and a trade mark, Register a trade mark, Protect your Intellectual Property overseas

Communities and Justice, New South Wales Law Courts & Tribunals

Local Court, District Court, Supreme Court, Court Lists, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Lodge Court documents online, Forms and Fees, Going to Court, Preparing for Court, NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)